How to unclog your toilet without a plunger

"Oh no! Not again," you think to yourself as you watch the water level in the toilet bowl rise inch by inch. Things you don't want to think about can clog the drainage of your toilet and every time you flush it, you risk flooding your bathroom with toilet water. Don't worry! If you use this old trick, you can unclog your toilet without even having to resort to a plunger. 

Let's be honest: this is much better than using a plunger, because nobody really wants to touch that thing anyway. Unfortunately, there's a disadvantage to the method, because it doesn't always work. In the end, a clogged toilet can be caused by many different factors. If this doesn't work right away, you can repeat all the steps a second time. To avert a toilet disaster from the outset, make sure you don't flush too much toilet paper down all at once. Avoid throwing away food in the toilet, too. It's also the best way to conserve water and help the environment.


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