Craft A Fluffy Bobble Rug From Toilet Paper Rolls And Wool

Getting up on the wrong side of the bed is annoying enough, but having to tread on cold floorboards in your bare feet just makes everything worse. The good news is that there is a solution (at least to the cold floor problem). With some colorful yarn and two cardboard toilet paper rolls, you can make sure that the next time you get out of bed you have a soft landing.

 You'll Need:

  • yarn in various colors
  • scissors
  • empty toilet rolls
  • non-slip rug pad

Here's How:

1. Pick out the yarn in the colors you want for your finished rug. Take two empty toilet rolls, lay them next to each other, and wind the yarn around both of them.

2. As soon as you have it wound as thickly round the toilet rolls as it is in the following picture, cut the yarn.

3. Next, cut a piece of yarn, feed one end between the toilet rolls and tie both the ends around the wrapped yarn.

4. Then, carefully pull out the toilet rolls and leave them to one side so you can use them for the next bobble later.

5. Pull the two knotted ends of the yarn really tight.

6. In the next step, cut the already-created loops of yarn with the scissors to create a bobble.

7. Trim the bobble a little to make any outstanding threads the same length as the rest.

8. Taking the knotted threads – which you used earlier to tie the wrapped yarn together – attach the bobble to the non-slip rug pad.

9. Repeat the steps above as often as needed and with as many colors as you like, until you have enough bobbles to cover the pad and the rug looks the way you want it to.

Such a beautiful, individual piece is sure attract a lot of attention. A truly unique creation.

This bedside bobble rug doesn't just flatter your feet, it looks great too. Soft, stylish, beautiful, plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you made it all by yourself. Rise and shine!


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