11 Unusual Signs From Your Body Indicating Illness

Nearly all of us get mild headaches, upset stomachs, or a runny nose from time to time, usually pointing to minor issues such as colds and infections. But have you noticed your hair going gray all of a sudden, or is your skin becoming darker? Your body might be trying to warn you about something a little more serious.

1. Darker Skin Without Being In The Sun

If you notice your skin getting darker without being in the sun, you should see a doctor. This could be an indicator for Addison's disease. In addition to skin darkening, common symptoms include lethargy and nausea. Thankfully, most sufferers can lead relatively normal lives after treatment. 


2. Hair Turning Gray Before 40th Birthday

Some people start noticing the odd gray hair at quite a young age, which is usually down to genetics. But if most of the hair on your head is gray by your 30s, it may be a sign that something isn't right. This should be of particular concern if you happen to be the only silver fox in your family. In this case, lots of gray hair may be a sign of hyperacidity or even diabetes. See your doctor.


3. Shorter Eyebrows

Have your eyebrows gotten shorter without your own intervention? This could be due to an under-active thyroid. Don't panic though — this condition can be diagnosed using a blood test and treated with medication.


4. Whites Of Eyes Turning A Different Color

There could be many reasons why the whites of your eyes turn slightly yellow. The most likely causes are a cold or too little sleep. However, yellow coloring in your eyes may also be pointing to something more serious, such as a liver issue. If you notice a slight reddening of your eyes, this may be a sign of conjunctivitis or chlamydia.


5. Constantly Chapped Lips

If the reason isn't simply dryness, constantly chapped lips may be an indicator for a vitamin B or zinc deficiency. Since cracked lips are more susceptible to infection, you should regularly apply a lip balm or moisturizer. If the issues with your lips persist, it's time to see a doctor.


6. Wrinkly Ear Lobes

Wrinkles on the ear lobes may simply be a sign of aging. But if there are diagonal wrinkles on both of your ear lobes, you may be suffering from a heart issue. Those affected have a 77% increased risk of heart disease.


7. Large Bosom

According to a study in Canada, women with a bra cup size of D or above are more likely to suffer from diabetes. But if you have a small waist, the risk is much lower.


8. Red Palms

Red palms may be the result of an allergic reaction or an underlying liver issue. If your liver is the problem, the redness is usually a symptom of cirrhosis. You should see a doctor if the red discoloration doesn't go away and you start feeling lethargic.


9. Red Face

If you haven't been caught up in an embarrassing situation, red cheeks could indicate a skin issue. Known as rosacea, this skin condition is more common in women and people with lighter skin. The development of tiny spots and blisters then makes the reddening appear worse.


10. Longer Ring Finger

People with a long ring finger were exposed to larger quantities of testosterone in the womb. According to a study from the University of Nottingham, these people are more likely to suffer from arthritis in the knee. Once again, this affects more women than men.

11. Cold Feet

In winter, many people — including their long-suffering partners — experience cold feet. Yet if this phenomenon appears suddenly or affects the hands too, you may be suffering from Raynaud syndrome. This is an autoimmune disease that needs to be treated by a doctor.


Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant signs may be a warning for more serious conditions. With that in mind, it's important to pay attention to any changes in your body and see a doctor when something doesn't seem right.


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