Attention Stargazers — Build A Telescope With Just A Plastic Bottle & Lens

On clear nights, far from the glow of the surrounding street lights, the evening sky comes alive with the glitter of distant stars, planets and, of course, the moon. It's hard not to want a closer look, to find out what else is hiding in the vast reaches of space. A telescope can help with this, but they can be very expensive. How about making your own? If you're not aiming for a career as an astronomer, this DIY telescope is an affordable way to have some fun with stargazing without breaking the bank!

It's a great way to try out some hobby astronomy and find out if it really interests you enough to spend the money for a real telescope. And because it can be easily held, it's good for kids too. Plus, when you're not busy gazing at the constellations, you can also use this as a normal telescope during the day. You can bring it on walks to get a closer look at birds or keep a close eye on the neighborhood... Hey, is that the neighbor's dog doing its business on the sidewalk again?!


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