Clever detail: How to use the slit on the plastic cap of a box cutter

There are some things we see almost every day but never really notice. In some cases it actually pays to take a closer look: you might find out that the thing you've been ignoring is really quite useful. The slit on the plastic cap at the end of a box cutter is a perfect example.

The reason for this slit only becomes apparent after you take it off. To do this, there is a small plastic clip you have to press.

Now you can use the cap to remove the used blade. Simply stick the blade into the slit and move the cap to the side until the blade breaks off — no pliers or other tools required! It's safe and easy and leaves you with a new, razor-sharp blade. Just make sure not to extend the blade out too far before breaking, otherwise you'll end up breaking off some of the new blades along with the old one.

And there you have it — no more fiddling around and putting your fingers at risk when the blade on your box cutter gets too dull. Now that's clever!


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