7 Bubble Wrap Life Hacks To Brighten Your Day

Bubble wrap is everywhere, from lined postal envelopes to a box of newly purchased goods. Its most popular function, however, is certainly as a form of entertainment or stress relief. After all, who doesn't love popping those bubbles?! But it does have many other great uses, and here are 7 of them:

1. Costume Jewelry

Yes, you can even turn bubble wrap into jewelry! To DIY, take a piece of bubble wrap, fold it in half, and wrap it in parchment paper. Iron the parchment paper on the lowest setting, fold the bubble wrap in half again, and iron the parchment paper once more.














Choose different sized coins to trace circles in the flattened bubble wrap and then cut out the patterns. Attach a jump ring to each circle and now you have great pendants for a necklace, bracelet, and more! 

2. Jello Treats

For Trick 2, you'll need a clean syringe and bubble wrap with extra large air bubbles. First prepare the jello of your choice and load it into the syringe. You will then inject the liquid jello into the individual bubbles.

After two hours in the fridge, your conveniently-sized fruit snacks will be ready for you to enjoy! 

3. Customized Wrapping Paper

For this hack, roll some bubble wrap around a cylindrical roll, such as a plastic food wrap roll or an empty paper towel roll, with the bubbles facing out. Paint the bubble wrap and roll it over your prepared wrapping paper.

Now you have personalized wrapping paper with your very own special touch added!

4. Floting Flowers

To create a particularly beautiful flower arrangement, cut off the stems of the flowers of your choice, such as roses, so that they are quite short. Cut circles out of the bubble wrap and push the stems of the flowers through the center of the plastic.

Fill a decorative glass bowl with water and arrange the flowers so that they will float above the surface of the water. This decoration makes a great addition to any coffee table, entertainment center, or dining room table!

5. Decorative Chocolate Cake

Yes, bubble wrap can even be used on food, especially baked goods and specifically cake! Just measure out a piece of clean bubble wrap and brush melted chocolate or a chocolate glaze onto the side with the air bubbles.

Wrap the chocolate-brushed side of the bubble wrap around a cake that has already been baked and frosted. Then let the chocolate harden.

The end result is a crisp chocolate shell with an interesting pattern. As an added bonus, it also works great as a "support rail" for any delicious fruits and toppings you might want to pile onto the finished product.

6. Annual Calendar

This will require some pre-planning as you'll need to match the size of your calendar to the size of the bubble wrap with the extra large air bubbles. Once you've got that all measured and figured out, go ahead and print all 365 days of the year out.

Now you have your very own one-of-a-kind calendar that will let you pop your way through the rest of the year — this will definitely be the year you kick your stress habit!

7. Thermal Insulation

Is your apartment always freezing? Or perhaps you just always feel a bit cold? They try this tip to insulate your home. Cut out a piece of bubble wrap that will fit the size of your window pane. Spray the window with water and then stick the clean bubble wrap to the window. The insulation will take effect immediately and you'll finally get to enjoy your apartment in a comfortable temperature!

There's really nothing better than bubble wrap. Give these tips and tricks a try and let us know what you think!


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