Cute DIY Easter Bunny Vases

Once you've seen the chocolate bunnies, food coloring packets, basket grass, and delicately-painted egg decorations on your local supermarket shelves, you know it's nearly here: not just spring but, yes, Easter. It's the ultimate arts and crafts holiday, and since you'll want enough vases for the upcoming daffodil harvest, these bunny jars will hit the spot!

You'll Need:

  • clean jars
  • acrylic paints
  • paintbrushes
  • string

Here's How:

Your best choice will be a fairly tall jar that a nice spring bouquet will fit in. Remove the label by soaking it in warm water or running it through a dishwasher cycle. Then cover the jar with acrylic paint.

When the background color is dry, use a tiny brush to paint the bunny's face on. If you don't have a delicate enough brush, you can use a matchstick or toothpick dipped in paint for the whiskers!

Finally, wrap the jar's neck with string, then tie it in a neat knot at the back, or glue it down. That way you hide the screw thread so no one will ever know the lowly origins of your lovely vase! 

Fill it up with water and in go your latest crop of flowers. You can try any colors you like for your cottontail friends — you don't have to stick with pastels, either!

It's incredibly easy to make, and yet it could be a really lovely gift for friends or neighbors for the upcoming holiday. If you want to add bunny features with felt or other materials, go at it — your options are endless. Have fun!


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