Three ways to get rid of hard-to-remove wax from candle jars

Are you a huge fan of delicious-smelling candles that come in decorative glass containers? If so, then the following has probably happened to you: the candle has already burned to the bottom, but an attractive jar remains. It'd be great to keep the jar, but the leftover wax seems impossible to remove. The solution? Take your pick from these three handy tricks!

Hot water

Fill the candle jar with hot water from a kettle. The heat will melt the leftover wax and make it float to the top of the glass.


Once the water has cooled, the wax will harden, forming a layer on the surface of the liquid. Simply remove it and pour the water out and — voilá — you'll have a wax-free jar!


Cup warmer

Set the candle jar on an electric cup warmer. This melts the leftover wax at the bottom of the jar.


Once it's all melted, you can simply pour the wax out. It's best to pour it onto an absorbent paper towel or something similar to prevent the hot wax from splashing.



This method is recommended if you still have a large amount of wax deposits in the jar. Put your candle holder in the freezer and leave it for about two hours.


Once you remove it, you should be able to scrape the wax out using a butter knife.


This video shows all three methods in action:

Now you have a clean jar to use for whatever you desire — storage, as a drinking glass, tea light holder — you choose! You'll never have to toss out those attractive jars again.




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