It’s amazing, the great things you can make from cement!

Cement doesn't just hold the walls of your house together — when it comes to crafting, it has a range of eclectic uses. In this video, you'll fine four beautiful decorating ideas for your home. Have fun recreating them!

1. Hand towel vase

You'll need:

  • a plastic bottle
  • DIY cement
  • old hand towel

Here's how:

  1. Remove the upper section of the bottle with a box cutter, so that you can stand it upside down without any problems.   
  2. Next, mix the DIY cement in a bowl according to the instructions. The end result should have no lumps and not be too viscous. Now let the towel become fully saturated with it.

  3. As soon as the hand towel is completely covered with cement, lay it to dry over the plastic bottle. It can take a day for the concrete to harden completely. And then your decorative flower vase is done. If you like, you can finish it off with spray paint.

2. Photo holder

You'll need:

  • plastic food wrap
  • cookie cutter
  • oil
  • DIY cement
  • note holder
  • masking tape
  • paint

Here's how:

  1. Lay out the food wrap as underlay and place the cookie cutter on top. Dab or spray the cookie cutter and food wrap with oil; it doesn't really matter which oil you use, WD40 or canola oil both work fine.
  2. Mix the cement according to the instructions on the packet and fill the cookie cutter with it. Now bend the end of the note holder with pliers. Leave the bent end inserted into the cement, until it has dried out. To keep the note holder steady in between times, place a book or something of a similar height to the cookie cutter under it.
  3. As soon as the concrete has dried out, you can remove it from the cookie cutter. Stick masking tape over half of your concrete shape and paint the rest of it. This cute holder is great for place cards at an elegant party or as a home decoration with photos of your loved ones. 

3. Candle holder

You'll need:

  • silicon baking mold for muffins
  • DIY cement
  • oil
  • plastic food wrap
  • egg
  • tea lights

Here's how:

  1. Grease the silicon mold with oil and fill it with the mixed cement. The concrete should not be too liquid. 
  2. Now wrap the egg in clear plastic food wrap and use it to press molds into the cement. You can, of course, use tea lights instead of eggs.


  3. After they have hardened, take the "cement muffins" out of the mold and stick tea lights in the depressions left by the eggs. Depending on your taste, you can sand down protruding edges with sandpaper beforehand. 

4. Holding hands

You'll need

  • cement
  • sand
  • 2 large preserve jars
  • 2 single-use latex gloves
  • plastic food wrap

Here's how:

  1. In a bucket, mix one part cement with three parts water and two parts sand.
  2. Stretch the single-use gloves over the preserve jars, so that the fingers hang down into the jar. Then fill the gloves with cement. 
  3. Now line a bowl with food wrap and place the cement-filled gloves carefully inside it. To avoid a bulge in the middle, you can make a slit in the gloves and spread out any excess cement. 
  4. After roughly 24 hours, the cement will have dried out and you can remove the single-use gloves. The cement hands work well as coasters for flowerpots or you can use them as pots for a small succulent garden.

So that you can avoid troublesome scrubbing afterwards, we recommend always wearing gloves while working with cement. Then nothing can stand in the way of your joyful creativity!



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