5 Fast & Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

You can now count the days left before Christmas on the fingers of one hand. But up until now, not everyone has had the time or inclination to make suitable decorations. However, it's so much fun that, if you can, you should put it on your holiday to-do list alongside visiting a Christmas market and baking some festive cookies. In the following video, we show you five ways you can decorate your home easily and cheaply to get it looking nice and cheery.

1. Christmas Door Wreath

You'll find the full instructions here.

2. Mandarin Candles

Follow the instructions here.

3. Personalized Candles

You'll find all the details here.

4. Paper Bag Stars 

Read here for the exact method.

5. Mini Beanies

See here for step-by-step instructions.

As you might have noticed, not all these decorations are just for Christmas — some will add that cosy feel to your home all winter. If you brighten it up with these ideas, it'll give it that personal touch that'll make you even more comfortable inside your own four walls.


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