Craft a perfect holiday wreath for your door with Xmas ball ornaments

Christmas decorations in store windows, lights sparkling, shopping bags filled with gifts, the spicy aromas of winter wafting through the chilly air: it's high time you brought a little bit of the holiday spirit home with you! Here you'll learn how to make a gorgeous holiday decoration out of Christmas tree ball ornaments — quickly and easily. It's so simple and just the thing to start the season.
You will need:
  • a wire clothes hanger (or other strong, flexible piece of wire)
  • a number of Christmas tree ball ornaments in colors and sizes that you like (for example here in bulk
  • decorative gift ribbon

Here's how:

First, bend the clothes hanger roughly into a circle.

Then untwist the wire where it's fastened together. 

Then thread the Christmas tree balls onto the wire. Alternate colors as much as possible for a lively, fun look. 

When the wire is completely full, fasten it back together. It won't take much, just a few twists will do.

Now just tie a cheerful bow around it with your ribbon or a bit of fabric. (With wired ribbon, you'll be able to shape your bow as well.)

And there it is — a holiday wreath for your front door! 

Watch the video to see it made from start to finish: 

It's really the ideal decoration for the front door — yours or as a present for a friend. It only takes a few minutes and it's inexpensive as can be. What better way to launch the holiday season?


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