Just in time for Valentine's day: the most romantic bedroom ever!

Ever want to spruce up your bedroom? Beds are meant to invite you to dream and cuddle up under the sheets. To do this, there is a perfect, amazing trick: A curtain of lights at the head of your bed that recalls a starry night and gives a bedroom a romantic, dreamy touch. This room decoration is easy to make yourself and requires hardly any craft skills.

You'll need:

  • 1 curtain rod
  • 1 curtain (in sheer white)
  • hanging hooks (self-adhesive)
  • 2 300-count Christmas lights in white (for example these)

Hang the curtain rod over the head of your bed. Once you've done this, the hardest part of the project is already done.


Add the hooks underneath the curtain rod. 18 self-adhesive hooks were used for this project. Make sure that you use the right hooks for your wall and surface type. 


Now the Christmas lights come into play. Warm white light is softer and invites you to dream. So make sure you don't go with a hard light since the idea is to make it romantic. Once you have the right Christmas lights, carefully drape them over the hooks on the wall.


Take down the curtain rod and carefully slide the curtain on it. Then the curtain rod has to go back on its mount. The curtain now hides the Christmas lights and the cable is no longer visible.


Now there are just a few last details: Arrange the curtain the way you'd like it.


The dreamy bed lighting is now finished. Now you probably won't feel like getting out of bed anymore.


Here's a video tutorial: 

Tip: There are also Christmas lights that change color. These rainbow colors are particularly well suited for children's rooms and boys and girls will definitely love them.

And now there's just one last step: Turn the light out and dream on. A wonderful view that gives any bedroom a nice touch and it's so easy to do it yourself.


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