4 festive nail designs to try for yourself

Christmas fairs and festively decorated trees everywhere are currently creating a cozy atmosphere. And you can carry that pre-Christmas feeling with you, in the truest sense of the words, in the form of these four nail designs that we outline in the following video.

1. Santa hats

You'll need:

Stick two strips of tape in a v-shape on the first nail that you want to decorate with a Santa hat. The bottom of the v should be a little way above the bed of the nail.

Color inside the v-shape with the red nail polish. Then remove the strips of tape.

Now dip a cotton swab in the white nail polish and use it to a dab a spot of white on the tip of the red v. Next, dab a few more white dots along the edge of your nail, so that it looks like the hat has a fleecy brim.

2. Candy canes

You'll need:

  • red and white nail polish
  • broad rubber band

First paint all your nails white.

For the following step, it's best to start with your thumb. That's the easiest finger to begin with. Wind the elastic band around your thumb so that there are three slanted strips running over the nail. Then paint the spaces between them with the red nail varnish.

When you remove the rubber band after this, you will have beautiful candy cane-striped nails.

3. Christmas tree garlands

You'll need:

To begin, paint all your nails light blue, or turquoise if you prefer. To make the work easier, it's best if you can put the rest of the colors in a paint palette. Then dip the tip of the toothpick in the white polish and use it to draw three thin slanted lines across every nail. 

Now use the pin to add the other colors one after another: dip the head of the pin in the first color and dab two or three dots of it underneath one or more of the white lines. Clean the pin head and repeat the process with the other colors.

4. Christmas Trees

You'll need:

  • paint palette (optional)
  • white, light green, dark green, yellow and red nail polish
  • dressmaking pin
  • toothpick

First paint your nails with the white polish. Then dip the head of the pin in the dark green polish and use it create blobs in the form of an isosceles triangle — or more simply put: in the shape of a fir tree — on top of the white nail polish. For some variety of color, add a few light green blobs as well.

Next, use the toothpick to add a few smaller dots of red nail polish in and around the tree — they're your christmas tree baubles. For the final touch, take the pin again, making sure you've cleaned the head, and use it to add a yellow blob to the tip of the tree as a star. Your artwork is complete!

As you can see, it really isn't hard to combine art, decoration and the Christmas spirit — it's all in (or on!) your hands. The fine details of your eye-catching nails will also help build anticipation ahead of the Christmas celebration. So what are you waiting for?


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