5 Festive Ways To Fold Your Christmas Dinner Napkins

How quickly it comes around again — just over two weeks until Christmas! Whether your preparations are well under way or you're just getting started, it's definitely time to think about all the festive trappings that go with it, not least your table decorations. And they don't just have to consist of plastic stars – with these 5 festive table settings, you're sure to impress at Christmas dinner this year.

We've been working with the following napkins:

1. Christmas Tree

For this napkin creation that mimics a fir tree, green is undoubtedly the best color. And this way, you can get the kids to look forward to seeing something green on their plates.

2. Christmas Candle

For the candle, in principle, you just have to roll the napkin up. Something in dark red or gold will look great on your plates.

3. Name Card Double Roll

Maybe you're planning on having numerous guests around your festive table. It'll be better if you have some name cards. And it'll be better still when you can display them in beautifully folded napkins.

4. St. Nicholas Hat

With the right pattern on the napkin, this folding technique works really well for this season of the year. With a little bit of imagination, these folded creations bring to mind St. Nicholas's hat.

5. Christmas Bow

In addition to your pristine napkin, for this one you also need a wide ribbon, preferably one that sparkles in Christmassy colors. This will help create something particularly eye-catching for your festive table.

Now you have five possibilities to express your creativity when decorating your dinner table — and with almost no effort (the exact folding processes are shown in the video above). Whichever ones you choose, they can't help but inspire everyone's Christmas spirit. It's going to be a great party!


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