How to get rid of the smell of cigarettes

Cigarette fumes can be stinky. The smell is so persistent, it can be a nasty struggle to clear it out. If you've got a room that still reeks of death sticks long after the smoking is done, try out these five tricks. They're easy and they actually work!

(And consider this as well...)

1. Air


The first step is always: open the windows. Get as much fresh air into the room as possible. Then put a bowl of vinegar right in the middle of the room. Vinegar is a good odor absorber and does it without costing you or spreading any toxic chemicals, as some air fresheners do. Alternate these two until both the cigarette and the vinegar odors are gone!

2. Carpet


If the rug still holds the smell, powder it with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), leave it for half an hour, and then thoroughly vacuum it up. 

3. Clothes


All smokers know this problem well. In fact, those of us who hang out with smokers, or spent one evening in a smokey bar, also know the difficulty of ridding our clothes of the unpleasant after-smell. If you don't have time to do a whole load of wash, then try powdering the affected clothes with baking soda, hanging them in the window so they get fresh air — and after half an hour they'll be ready to go again. All you have to do is shake them out well. 

4. Car


Same with the car: baking soda. Apply, leave, vacuum up. Done.

And of course, regularly empty the ash tray. 

5. Hands


Hands are a bit like a person's calling card, the most personal kind of calling card. So it feels good to have not just clean hands, but tidy nails, not-too-dry skin, and... no odd odors. If the stench of cigarettes doesn't come off with soap, use lemon juice. It's antibacterial and gives them a much fresher bouquet.

These super-simple tricks are effective, non-toxic, and cheap: what could be better?!


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