10 Unusual Tricks To Make Cleaning Easier

For most people, cleaning is a necessary evil. It's something they have to get done, ideally as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Here are 10 tips to help make some of those arduous tasks more manageable, and dare we say, even enjoyable?!.

1. Scummy window seals

Dirty window seals and edges are difficult to reach with a cloth or sponge. It may sound odd but using a tampon to get at those hard to reach places works better than anything else. Just wet the seals and edges with soapy water beforehand and then run the tampon along the surface, picking up the dirt as you go along.

2. Dirty iron

If your iron is clogged with limescale and mineral deposits, just warm it up on the lowest setting and run it over a dryer sheet as often as it takes until it's shiny and clean again.

flickr/Christian Heilmann

3. Residue in vases

A great tip to cleanse residue in vases is to add dishswasher liquid, warm water and crushed egg shells, swirl it around and then rinse away all the grit and grime.


4. Dirty lint sieve

To get rid of lint on your dryer or washing machine sieves, try using chop sticks. It's like using a giant pair of tweezers!

flickr/Bill Smith

5. Longlasting rubber gloves

If you have long nails and wear rubber gloves, you end up making holes in them quite quickly. Try placing cotton balls in the fingers of the gloves before putting them on, this will help them last longer. 

flickr/Pam loves pie

6. Scotch tape dust collector 

Wind some Scotch tape around your hand with the sticky side facing up. Then run your hand along any surfaces where dust or hairs collect. You'll see that it works like a charm.

7. Window squeegee for all purposes

It's not only effective in getting rid of water marks on windows or shower screens, it also removes lint and animal hair from fabric furniture and carpets. 

flickr/Stacy Haponik

8. Shards of glass easily collected

It's almost impossible to collect shards of glass after an accident in the kitchen or bathroom. A slice of toast pressed into the shards will collect even the smallest of broken pieces, which are hard to see and even harder to collect.

flickr/Mike Simpson

9. Dusting fly screens

A lint roller is most effective in removing dust from fly screens. You'll be happy to enjoy a clear view once again!

flickr/Chris Waits

10. Cheap mop

Instead of always buying replacement towels for your mop, you can just pull a fluffy microfiber sock over it. It can be easily washed and reused again. Simply wet it for cleaning and start mopping straight way. 

flickr/USAG- Humphreys

Even if you are a lazybones when it comes to housework, a few problem will be solved in the future but that's only if you can first get your head around the idea of cleaning with socks, tampons and toast!


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