Clever tips for keeping your home cool

It's that time of year again — summertime, when the mercury starts to rise. Whether you love going to the beach or consider yourself the barbecue king, it's time to get outside and enjoy that sunshine. But when daytime temperatures start reaching the 90s, it also gets increasingly difficult to keep your home cool and fresh — not good if you need a good night's sleep or simply want to escape the heat. That's why it's worth reading the following tips so you can enjoy house temperatures that are around 20 degrees cooler than outside. 


1. Keep everything closed

When you're not at home, you should keep all doors, windows, and shutters closed. This will keep out the sunlight, meaning you can enjoy nice refreshing temperatures when you return home in the evenings. Ahh! Now doesn't that feel better? 


In fact, any objects exposed to the sun are heated up by its rays. Windows do little to keep sunlight out, so pull those blinds down and those curtains across! 

2. Ventilated roof 

However, your roof is also exposed to sunlight that can quickly create stifling temperatures within your home during the summer months. Thankfully, a handyman on YouTube has been sharing his methods for keeping the area below the roof well ventilated. Now this should give you some refreshing ideas!

Youtube / DIYonTheCheap

The best way to refresh your home is to create a draft between the warm air in the roof and the cooler air found in shaded areas on the side of the building. So you need to open a window in the shaded side of the house and install a box fan in the attic. 

In this man's house, the entrance to the attic is located in the corridor. 

Youtube / DIYonTheCheap

In the attic below the roof, there should be a trapdoor for circulating the air. It's up to you to find it! Be careful though, the heat inside may be unbearable. 

Youtube / DIYonTheCheap

Install the box fan in the attic opening. These types of fans are relatively inexpensive and available in most hardware and big box stores.

Youtube / DIYonTheCheap

And it's as simple as that — your work is done for the day! 

Youtube / DIYonTheCheap

Watch the following video for a step-by-step guide: 

Though they may seem simple, these tips are proven to work well for keeping out the heat. Contrary to popular belief, simply opening all of the windows is not necessarily the best course of action. Instead, ventilating your home intelligently is the optimal way to stay refreshed when temperatures start to rise. 

These smart tricks also mean you won't need to install expensive air-conditioning systems at home — you'll be doing your bit for the environment, too. So keep a cool head this summer with these fresh ideas for a comfortable home!



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