Make Your Own DIY Candles From Crayons

Anyone with kids has crayons lying around. It's as sure a thing as the sun rising in the morning. They can be lovely and fun, but they break easily, it's hard to sharpen them, and eventually they're too small even for the children's hands to grasp. All the better for you to make these gorgeous candles!

You'll Need:

  • paper cups
  • candle-making wax
  • candle wicks
  • old jam or honey jars glasses
  • old crayons, cut into pieces, separated by color
  • popsicle sticks (or something similar for stirring)

Here's How:

1. First put a little bit of wax in one of the paper cups and melt it in the microwave. Place a wick into one of the clean glasses and pour the wax in so that the wick sticks to the bottom of the glass. Leave it a moment to dry.

2. Now liquefy more of the wax and add the pieces of one your crayons. Don't forget to remove the paper on the crayon! 

3. Use a popsicle stick to stir the wax and crayon around as they melt so that you just have one well-mixed color at the end. Now pour this mix into the prepared glass. 

4. As soon as this layer of wax has hardened, start again with another bit of candle wax, adding the next crayon and then melting and stirring them together. Now pour this color on top of the first.

These candles aren't just a great way to recycle broken old pieces of crayons that your kids will never use again, they're also beautiful — and they're a perfect gift!


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