Create Colorful DIY Scenes With Melted Crayons

Everyone has fond memories of crayons from their childhoods, but they're not exactly the art tool of choice for elite, professional artists. They break easily, sharpening them is difficult, and achieving a really nice, even coverage requires some effort. But when you see what unique wall art can be made with them, the waxy, colorful sticks might find their way back to the top of your wish list. With a bit of luck, you might even find an old box of them at the back of the cabinet. 

Some templates to get you started are available download here:


Just some advice to parents: before your children are tempted to help themselves to the crayons in your artwork, you might want to buy them a new box, just in case! Or if you're worried that your creation might inspire jealousy, perhaps the safest place to hang it in the kids' room, where they're sure to delight in its bright colors! 


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