11 things you can wash in your dishwasher

For those of us who have a dishwasher, we tend to use it almost every day for the obvious: to wash our dishes. But there are actually a lot of other things that you can use it for, and some of them might surprise you. A woman who goes by the moniker "The Domestic Geek" has come up with some great tips for getting the most out of this handy household appliance. Here are some things that are perfect for cleaning in your dishwasher...


1. Hairbrushes

Hard to clean with your hands but perfect for the dishwasher! Be sure to remove any hair first, obviously.

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2. Baseball caps

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3. Computer keyboard

Be sure to let it dry enough before you reconnect it to the computer.


4. Plastic toys

Perfectly cleans and disinfects all those things your children play with!

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5. Toothbrushes

Just throw them in the cutlery tray!

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6. Sponges and scrub brushes

They come out looking like new!

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7. Car mats

Plastic ones are no problem, but you might not want to put cloth ones in there.

8. Vegetables

Tired of scrubbing potatoes, carrots, turnips etc? Just put them through a short dishwasher cycle!

9. Flip-flops

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10. Fan covers

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11. Lighting fixtures

It doesn't seem like a good idea, but when you see the results you'll be convinced. All that dust is gone!

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Letting your dishwasher do the dirty work means you'll have time to sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life!

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You can see all the tricks in action in this video...

Be careful not to put any wood or delicate plastic things in there, but otherwise there's really a lot your dishwasher can handle. Cell phone covers, key rings, pet food bowls, window screens... you name it! Who would have thought that a dishwasher could be so versatile?


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