DIY Bamboo Shelf For Plants And Storage

Plants and books are absolute necessities for any complete home, but they're also the things that end up taking up a lot of space. Plants look great wherever you put them, but when displayed correctly they can add that little extra something to any room. With that in mind, we've come up with a great display option for your houseplants that doubles as an eye-catching bookshelf and storage solution. This DIY shelf made out of bamboo poles, twine, and wooden boards looks so great that you'll wonder why you ever bought store-made shelves in the past. Plus, it's easier than you think to build at home! 

You'll Need:

  • 4 bamboo poles
  • 3–4 thick wooden dowels
  • twine or jute rope
  • 3 wooden planks of various sizes
  • drill + hole saw cutter
  • hand saw
  • jigsaw
  • 6 rectangular wooden strips
  • wood glue

Here's How:

1. Use a hand saw to saw the thick wooden dowels into 11 segments of the same length.

2. Tie the wooden dowel segments to the bamboo poles with thick twine or jute rope to make 2 ladders, one with 5 rungs and one with 6. Be sure the wooden dowels are secured tightly to the bamboo poles and that they're spaced evenly on both ladders.

3. Line up both ladders and double check to make sure that all of the wooden dowels are attached at the same height on each.

4. Position both ladders upright and angle them so that they come together at the top. Lean the ladder with 5 rungs on the top rung of the ladder with 6 and tie them together securely with twine or jute rope.

5. Designate several spots on the largest wooden plank where you want to suspend your plants and draw circles large enough to fit your flower pots. Cut out the circles you drew using a hole saw cutter attached to a drill for the initial cut, and a jigsaw to complete it.

6. Glue 1 rectangular wooden strip on each side of the board with wood glue.

7. Repeat this process with both the medium-sized and small wooden planks.

8. Place the wooden boards on the ladder, making sure they sit securely on the rungs. Once the ladder is stable, insert your flower pots into the circular cuts you made in the wooden planks and place other items, like books or gardening tools, on the shelf.

This DIY bamboo shelf is the perfect way to find a home for all of your houseplants while creating additional storage space for other household items. It's easy to build and makes a chic statement in whatever room you choose to display it!

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