Transform your old tin cans into something useful for your home

Even if you go out of your way to eat healthy and local or seasonal, it's hard to avoid buying the occasional canned good. Whether crushed tomatoes, baked beans, or food for our four-legged friends, most homes have a tin can lying around somewhere. But what do you do with the empty ones? The recycling bin certainly gobbles some up, but there are actually lots of other very useful things you can do with them. Here are just a few examples...

Cover cans with pages from an old cookbook or newspaper and they're easily transformed into retro-style containers.

With a little cotton and a piece of fabric, smaller cans can be transformed into handy pincushions.

The massive tins that you get when you buy in bulk can be turned into snazzy towel storage for the bathroom.

Four holes, a splash of color, and... voilà! A practical ribbon organizer.

Glue different sized cans next to one another on a board and spray paint them to create a stylish desk organizer.

Or go naked! Nail several bare cans directly to the wall or attach them using magnets to make a tidy craft system.

Tea and coffee tins can be reused to hold the same contents, but can look a thousand times better with a little attention.

Nail a few cans to a wooden stake and fill them with soil. Perfect for a tiny herb garden and a lovely addition to any porch.

It can't get any easier than this: dip cans halfway in paint and you have a modern, minimalist design piece for your desk.

Your desktop is too small? No worries! Just drill holes in the cans and hang them from a towel bar using small metal hooks.

Empty tuna fish cans are the perfect size for drawer organizers.

You can even reuse paint cans as a filing system in a bookcase or on a desk.

From sweet corn to crayon sorter in just a few steps.

This small can was covered with decorative contact paper and used to hold hairbrushes — you'll never misplace them again.

Pop a few handles onto a large can and paint it the color of your choice to make a great-looking container.

Are you tired of dealing with that big, messy bag of dog food? Transform a big popcorn tin into a gorgeous storage space for dry dog food and treats.

For a more refined look, cover the can with your favorite fabric and lace to make a beautiful piece.

It's a slightly larger project, but with a few empty cans, a piece of wood, some paint, and a bit of leather, you can create an amazing silverware caddy. Perfect for the next picnic or trip to the beach!

You'll never throw a can away again! It's worth it to save them — pass the word on!


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