4 Cool DIY Crafts You Can Make With Cement & A Yogurt Cup

What do you do with the container after you finish a delicious cup of yogurt? You probably just toss it in the trash, but wait — there's so much more you can do with it! A yogurt container, or any other cylindrical container for that matter, has so many possibilities when it comes to arts and crafts or DIY projects. Here are 4 clever ideas with cement to get you started!

The first step for each project requires mixing cement with water, as per the specific instructions, and pouring the mixture into a clean yogurt container so that in can harden into cement.

1. Hanging Flower Pot

You'll need:

  • empty yogurt container
  • empty cup
  • cement + water
  • vaseline
  • jersey fabric (e.g. from an old T-shirt)

Fill the yogurt container halfway with the mixed cement. Coat the outer bottom layer of a thinner cup with vaseline and press it into the wet cement. Weigh it down with coins or something heavy so that it will stay in place. Wait 2–24 hours before removing the inner cup. Cut the outer yogurt container off the dry concrete and tada – your flower vase is all ready to go!

To turn the flower vase into a flower pot, all you have to do is cut up an old shirt! Take a piece of jersey fabric and cut it into narrow strips — it's best to stretch the strips out so that they will roll themselves. Braid the strips into a rough net as shown in the video, place the flower pots inside, and hang them up.

2. Table Lamp

You'll need:

  • empty yogurt container
  • light socket
  • duct tape
  • paper towel
  • cement + water
  • tape
  • sandpaper
  • light bulb

To make a compact bedside lamp, first make a deep incision down the side of the yogurt container that is wide enough for a light socket to pass through, and then put the socket in the container.

Cover the slit with duct tape and then carefully pour the mixed cement into the container — make absolutely sure that the cement doesn't get inside the socket! After the cement dries, remove the container and sand the concrete until smooth. Screw the light bulb into the socket and your cozy nightlight is ready to go!

3. Pencil Holder

You'll need:

  • empty yogurt container
  • cement + water
  • hot glue gun sticks

Fill the container ¾ full with the dry cement, mix it with water, press out any air bubbles, and then stick the hot glue guns in the wet mixed cement. Let the cement dry, carefully pull the glue sticks out, and remove the yogurt container. Now you have a sturdy pencil and pen holder that will be perfect for your office.

4. Doorstop

You'll need:

  • empty yogurt container
  • cement + water
  • plastic pipe
  • spray paint
  • piece of rope

If you want your very own door or window stopper, all you need is a plastic pipe or tube that's slightly longer than the yogurt container is high. After you have colored the pipe, push a piece of rope into the pipe so that a loop is formed on top. This will make it easier to grip and carry the doorstop. 

Fill the yogurt container ¾ full with the dry cement, mix it with water, press out any air bubbles, and then insert the pipe into the wet mixed cement. After the cement dries, the doorstep can be used right away, or you can decorate it with chalk paint.

Of course, these homemade crafts also work with other cups and containers. The sky is the limit, so feel free to try all of these projects with different containers for a nice variety.


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