3 DIY Designer Furniture Pieces Made From Simple Materials

Unfortunately designer furniture typically carries a hefty price tag. On the other hand, the cheaper stuff is so mass-produced that everyone has it. Because knowing that your sister, friend, coworker, and neighbor all have the exact same living room as you is never fun, follow these instructions to make your own personalized pieces that will have everyone begging you for the name of your "interior designer."

1. Floor Lamp

You'll Need:

  • 3 broomstick handles
  • flower pot
  • yellow spray paint
  • lamp socket with plug and switch
  • lampshade
  • LED lightbulb
  • 6 screws

Here's How:

1.1 Spray paint the broomstick handles and let them dry.

1.2 Spray paint the flower pot and let it dry. 

1.3 Drill a hole into the middle of the flower pot and feed a lamp socket through the hole.

1.4 Arrange the broom handles in a triangle and attach the flower pot with lamp socket to the broomsticks with 6 screws.

1.5 Screw an LED light bulb into the lamp socket and attach a lampshade.

2. Stylish Stool

You'll Need:

  • an old cardigan 
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • pins
  • staple gun
  • stool

Here's How:

2.1 Cut the cardigan into about 22 equally long and equally wide strips.

2.2 Fold the strips together lengthwise and fasten them with pins. Then sew the sides together in the following pattern.

2.3 Place one of the fabric strips on the stool and use a staple gun to secure both ends on the underside of the stool. Repeat with this with about 10 more fabric strips, or until the seat is entirely covered.

2.4 Take a strip of fabric, weave it through the horizontal strips, and staple both ends of the fabric strip to the underside of the stool. Repeat with the rest of the strips.

3. Designer End Table

You'll Need:

  • 22 ft copper pipe (4x 10 in / 4x 14 in / 8x 21 in)
  • pipe cutter
  • 16 in x 16 in wooden board
  • white cord
  • pipe clamps
  • screws

Here's How:

3.1 The copper pipe will first need to be cut into 16 pieces. The 4 rods for the foot of the table should be 10 inches each. The 4 rods for the upper part of the table should be 14 inches each. The 8 rods for the middle part of the table should be 21 inches each. Once you have the properly sized pipes, you can begin assembling the table. Start at the foot of the table and place 4 of the 10 inch rods in a square in front of you. Thread a piece of white cord through the pipes and tightly tie it together. Now do the same thing with the 14 inch rods. You should now have one smaller copper square and one larger copper square in front of you.

3.2 Connect two of the 21 inch rods to each side of the small copper square by threading cord through them, thus making a "star." Leave the cord ends unknotted for now.

3.3 Tie the protruding cord ends from the "star tips" to the corners of the big square.

3.4 Knotting the cord works best when a second person holds the big square at the correct height.

3.5 Fix the wooden board to the table frame with small pipe clamps and screws. Feel free to paint the board for an even more customized look.



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