DIY Wooden Bedside Docking Station For Your Cell Phone

Is there anything worse than a cluttered nightstand? Your bedroom is supposed to be a safe haven filled with peace and tranquillity, but tangled up headphones, laptop cables, books, and other clutter can shatter that peace of mind very easily. If the items in your room don't have designated spots, you might find yourself spending hours organizing and cleaning. Luckily, we've come up with a way to help you finally declutter your nightstand and restore a zen-like energy to your bedroom! This DIY bedside wooden docking station for your smartphone, tablet, and accessories will help you transform an old cutting board into a chic organizer. Get organized in style and get that headspace back!

You'll Need:

  • wooden cutting board
  • pencil
  • jigsaw
  • hacksaw
  • circular saw
  • drill
  • wood glue
  • sandpaper
  • steel wool
  • vinegar
  • paint brush

Here's How:

1 Use a jigsaw to saw a ¾ inch-wide section off of one of the smaller sides of the wooden cutting board.

2. Place your cellphone on the opposite side of the cutting board, right at the edge, and use a pencil to trace a straight line using the width of your cellphone as a guide. Use a jigsaw to saw off the edge of the cutting board along the line you traced.

3. Place the middle section of the cutting board, which is now the base of the docking station, upside down on a flat surface and drill 3 holes into it. The first hole should be positioned on the upper left-hand side of the base and the other 2 should be lined up, one on top of another, near the right-hand side. The first hole on the right-hand side should be about ¼ of the way up the cutting board and the other should be about ¾ of the way up. These holes will be for your cables and chargers.

4. Use a hacksaw to saw out the piece of wood between the hole you drilled on the upper left-hand side of the base and the upper edge of the cutting board.

5. Flip the base over and glue the piece of wood that's equal to the width of your cellphone perpendicular to the 2 holes you drilled in the side of the base. The piece of wood should be glued slightly to the right of the 2 holes.

6. Line up the small strip of of wood you cut off initially with the edge of the base and mark the position of the 2 holes with a pencil. Both the top and bottom of the holes should be marked.

7. Use a circular saw to cut out the small pieces of wood where you made the pencil markings. Discard the pieces that are the size of the holes and you should be left with 3 small pieces of wood.

8. Prop the base up on the on piece of wood you glued to the back and glue the 3 small pieces of wood you just cut onto the front, slightly above the 2 holes.

9. Sand all of the rough edges of the wood with sandpaper until they become smooth.

10. Soak a steel wool pad in vinegar overnight. The vinegar will react with the steel to create a natural wood stain. Once it's ready, brush the wood stain evenly over the surface of the wooden docking station, and after about 1 hour the wood will be noticeably darker.

Once the wood is stained, your DIY wooden bedside docking station is ready to go! Place your cellphone and accessories on top, plug everything in, and enjoy tranquil organization right next to your bed!

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