DIY Wall-Mounted Garden Bar

It's that time of year when hanging out inside just doesn't cut it anymore. Cookouts, yard games, even reading a book – it all moves outdoors once the sun comes out. In the spirit of making your backyard as cozy and fun as possible, we're going to show you how to build your own wall-mounted garden bar! This sleek, chic DIY garden bar folds up and sits right on your wall, so it doesn't take up much space and looks fantastic. Think of all the fun you'll have playing mixologist at your next garden party without having to even step foot inside! 

You'll Need:

  • 3 wooden pallets
  • 2 wooden strips
  • hammer
  • pry bar
  • sandpaper
  • screws
  • cordless screwdriver
  • saw
  • drill
  • 2 large bolts
  • spray paint
  • 6 carabiners
  • 2 metal chains
  • 8 eye bolt screws
  • 4 wall hooks

Here's How:

1. To create the frame, use a cordless screwdriver and pry bar to remove the lateral boards and center blocks from the 3 wooden pallets. You should be left with some wooden base boards with 2 wooden blocks attached to them, as well as wooden boards without any blocks. Sand all of the pieces of wood until they're smooth.

2. Place 4 base boards (with blocks attached to each end) next to one another on the ground. Place an additional base board a small distance away from the other 4. Lay 3 wooden boards perpendicular to the 5 base boards you lined up – one for the left-hand side, right-hand side, and center. Screw the 3 wooden boards in place.

3. Place 6 wooden boards horizontally over the top of the frame on the side opposite the 4 base boards that are stacked next to one another. Screw the 6 wooden boards in place.

4. For the surface of the bar, saw 3 wooden boards so that they fit lengthwise between the wooden blocks on the left- and right-hand sides of the frame. Lay the boards next to one another on the ground and attach a wooden strip to both the left- and right-hand side of the 3 small boards with screws. Place a small wooden board vertically in the center of the 3 boards and attach it with screws. This section should be the exact size of the exposed end of the frame.

5. Cover the section you just worked on with 3 wooden boards (kept their original size from the pallet) and secure them in place with screws.

6. Drill 1 hole in the wooden strips located at both the bottom left- and bottom right-hand side of the surface of the bar. These holes will be used for the bolts that will attach the surface of the bar to the frame, so both holes have to be at exactly the same height on each side in order to keep the bar level.

7. Drill the holes for the bolts on the base of the frame by lining up the surface of the bar with the frame. Mark where the holes on the surface of the bar fall and drill in those exact spots.

8. Connect the surface of the bar to the frame with bolts. Use a hammer to make sure the frame and the surface of the bar are connected securely.

9. Place the frame upright to test opening and closing the bar.

10. Spray paint the surfaces of the bar.

11. Insert 4 eyebolts screws into the bar  2 on the surface of the bar and 2 inside the frame. Attach 1 carabiner to each eyebolt screw and hook 1 metal chain onto each side of the bar. Measure both metal chains to make sure they're just long enough so that the bar is suspended horizontally when it's open.

12. Attach 2 eye bolts screws to the outer edge of each side of the bar, 1 on the frame and 1 on the surface of the bar, so that you can lock the bar when it's closed. Attach 1 carabiner to each newly attached eye bolt screw.

13. Mount the back of the frame on the wall with wall hooks and get creative designing the front of the bar!

With this amazing DIY wall-mounted garden bar, your friends are going to flock to all of your to your garden parties and get-togethers. Grab some wooden pallets, and your backyard hangout spot will be ready before you know it! Who wants a drink?

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