Build Your Kids Their Very Own Indoor Playhouse

Nowadays you can buy any kind of children's toy imaginable — everything from fully equipped luxury kitchens to battery-operated mini SUVs. But the best gifts are still the homemade ones that your kids will appreciate the most knowing that you made it specially just for them! We'll show you how easy it is to turn some plain cardboard boxes into a customized playhouse that will make your kids' eyes light up.

You'll Need:

  • several cardboard boxes
  • duct tape
  • self-adhesive contact paper
  • box cutter
  • decorative tape
  • glue
  • fiber fill
  • area rug
  • string lights
  • doorknob 

Here's How:

1. Place a large cardboard box upright on the floor. Cut two of the side flaps into triangles and tape all of the flaps together to make a roof.

2. Take another piece of cardboard, lay it across the roof to cover any gaps, and tape it in place.

3. Cut a large rectangular opening out of the front of the box with a box cutter.

4. Place a smaller box at the opening and tape them together.

5. Create a roof for the smaller box with some of the extra cardboard.

6. Cover the roof and outer walls with self-adhesive contact paper. Alternatively, you can glue some patterned wallpaper to the cardboard with a glue stick. 

7. Cut a front door and a few windows into the house and outline them with decorative tape. Create a chimney from the extra cardboard and glue it to the top of the bigger box. Glue some fiber fill to the the top of the chimney to make it look like smoke.

8. Decorate the inside of the house with an area rug and string lights and attach a doorknob to the front door for the full effect.


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