Make your own special-effect cocktail glasses

Anyone can buy a few cute glasses these days. But making them yourself is on another level. Plus then you have a true original in your cupboard. And the best thing is: it's not hard. Here we'll show you how to turn a normal glass into a real eye-catcher.  

You will need:


Here's how:

  • First be sure to clean the glasses thoroughly. Use a clean cloth and the rubbing alcohol. Then let them dry well. 
  • Now tape off the area you want to paint with painter's tape. It looks great if the painted area is slanted — one side higher, the other side lower.


  • Press out any wrinkles with your fingernails or with a firm object so that the tape is nice and smooth.
  • Now take the foam brush and paint the taped-off lower part of the glass. Use an even up-and-down motion. 


  • When you've finished, let the paint dry for at least two hours. Then come back and paint another layer. That way it will look the way it should.
  • Let the paint dry overnight this time. Then carefully remove the painter's tape. Finally, follow the particular paint manufacturer's instructions for setting the paint in the oven.

You're done! Here's the result:


Enjoying drinks in glasses that you made yourself is at least twice the fun. And they're perfect gifts as well. Well, then... give your imagination free rein and get started!


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