Build Your Own Cozy DIY Sofa With Just 4 Wooden Pallets

DIY furniture made from wooden pallets is the latest craze, and will remain so long after summer has turned to fall. And it's no wonder, because the charming wooden constructions are cheap to build and very flexible. In this case, the upcycling of pallets results in a comfortable, homemade couch which is perfect for both outdoors in the garden and inside in your home.

1. The base of the sofa is four wooden pallets plus a few extra materials. Completely disassemble the first pallet into its individual parts — these will be used later. Then close the gaps in the pallet by placing the boards side-by-side.

2. Repeat Step #1 with the second pallet and sand everything with sandpaper. Then saw one of the prepared pallets in half and place the two half pallets on either side of the full pallet. These will eventually become the sofa armrests. 

3. Saw pallet #4 into two pieces, as shown in the picture. The wider part will be used as the bench seat, while the narrower part can be discarded.

4. Attach two slats to the backrest and one slat on either side of the armrests to support the bench seat. Then screw everything together well.

5. Take three boards (these do not need to come from the pallets, for a change), and screw them on as covers from the armrests and backrest. Now it's time to get creative! How you choose to paint and decorate the sofa is entirely up to you and your imagination. For example, fluffy pillows are a nice touch if you so want to relax outside and cloud watch or star gaze on your garden couch.

Whether you decide to display your rustic loveseat in the garden, balcony, or living room, you can feel good knowing that this piece of furniture is not only extremely inexpensive, but it's both a creative centerpiece and a great conversation piece. If you can't get enough of these outdoor projects, check out these 25 creative ways to repurpose old pallets or these 8 beautiful DIY garden decorations to spruce up your backyard.


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