Four great DIY accessories for your smartphone

Many of us use our smartphones all day long for everything but phoning. We play games, watch videos, listen to music, use the GPS feature to find our way around... they don't call them "smartphones" for nothing!

Considering the important role they play in our lives, wouldn't it make sense to learn about ways to make them even more useful and easier to deal with? Here are a few simple DIY projects that will help you get the most out of your smartphone...

1. Finger strap

Rulof Maker is a bit of a handyman... and a smart alec! Here he shows us how to attach a piece of elastic to a phone case to create a finger strap that can help to prevent dropping your phone. He chose the elastic from a pair of thong underwear, but a hair band works just as well.

Drill two holes in the protective case just a little more than a finger-width apart. Pull the elastic through and tie off the ends. Now you have a handy finger strap for holding your phone more securely.

Youtube/Rulof Maker

You can also use a different kind of band as long as it's flexible enough and won't break.

Youtube/Rulof Maker

You can watch all the steps in this video:

Having a better grip on your phone can also make it harder for a thief to snatch it. It also makes it easier to hold steady when you're taking photos.

With this nifty accessory, your phone will stay in your hand where it belongs!

2. The speakers

With an old paper towel roll and two cups, you can create a speaker to boost the sound when you're watching videos or listening to music on your smartphone. As shown below, make a notch in the paper towel roll and insert the phone into it. Make two holes in the cups and attach them on each side of the roll.


You can also make a simpler version like this:


Let the music play!

3. Camera obscura

Why waste your time watching videos on your phone's tiny screen when you can easily transform it into a projector? Simply mount it in a cardboard box and attach a magnifying glass to the other side. Voilá! A homemade home cinema!


4. GPS mount

Nowhere to put your phone when you're using it as a GPS system in your car? Just use a hair band to make a quick and easy DIY holder!



These little accessories may seem simple, but you'll be amazed at how much more you can get from your smartphone when you use them. So go ahead, make your smartphone even smarter!




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