DIY Secret Storage Table

If you live in a smaller space, or just want to keep things tidy and give yourself some more room, you'll love this handy DIY craft that will make your life so much easier – a hidden compartment table!

You'll Need:

  • 2 square coffee tables
  • box cutter
  • pencil
  • wood glue
  • 4 wood strips
  • spackling paste
  • spray paint
  • 2 hinges
  • 1 latch

Here's How:

1. Use a pencil to mark the inner point of each table leg.

2. Remove the table legs and connect the dots.

3. Carefully remove the inner square of the coffee table with a box cutter. Set the cut square aside for now.

4. Remove the insides of the the table.

5. Spread wood glue under the edges of the table.

6. Cut 4 wooden strips so that they fit under the inner edge of the table and then stick the pieces on the wood glue.

7. Spread wood glue over the center of the table.

8. Stick the square panel from Step #3 on the glue.

9. Seal the table leg screw holes and inner table edges with spackling paste.

10. Spray paint everything in the color of your choice. Repeat Steps #1-10 with the second coffee table.

11. Connect the two table tops with the hinges.

12. Now close the table tops and screw on the latch.

13. Reattach the table legs and your new table with a hidden compartment is all ready to go!

Building your own table may sound complicated, but look at how fast and easy that was! You'll love all the extra space you'll have from here on and out, and won't it be nice to finally have a mess-free table? Yes, please!


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