How To Make An Ingenious DIY Shelf Unit

As beautiful and simple as ready-made shelves from furniture or DIY stores can be, they often come with the disadvantage that you can't flexibly arrange them. In most cases, you can't even change the distance between the shelves. In contrast, we're going to show you how to build and customize the following set of shelves to meet your needs at home.

You'll Need:

  • 1 board, 39 in x 23½ in
  • 1 plank, 23½ in x 8 in
  • 2 planks, 14 in x 8 in
  • dowel, diameter 1 in
  • 7 pipe or mounting brackets
  • washers

Here's How:

1. Drill 12 evenly-spaced holes in the board. Measure out the positions beforehand and mark on the wood where you will need to drill.

2. The diameter of the holes must match that of the dowel that will be inserted later. Sandpaper the edges of the holes so they are smooth.

3. Drill holes in the corners 1 inch from both edges. Screws 4 inches long will go through these holes, to fix the board to the wall. 

4. But before you do this, place sufficient washers on each screw. Now drill holes in the wall, insert anchors into the holes, then screw the board to the wall.

5. Saw the dowel into smaller pieces, each about 7 inches long. In total, you need seven pieces: three for the large plank and two each for the two smaller ones.

6. Screw two brackets onto one side of each of the small planks and three onto one side of the larger one. Space them apart so they match the distances between the holes on the main board.

Now you can arrange the shelves as you like, by inserting the dowels through the brackets attached to the planks. You can add more dowels to use as hooks for hanging things. And of course, you can change the number of shelves if you want to.

If you like, you can paint the wood in the color of your choice to match your home decor. And if you find you've been bitten by the home improvement bug and want to try out some similar projects, you can find all the details for the ideas in the second video here.


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