Escape The Summer Heat With A DIY Slushie Treat

As we suffer through the dog days of summer, you might feel like you've tried every culinary option out there to cool down, including: ice-cold sodas, colorful sundaes at an ice cream parlor, milkshakes from fast food chains, and popsicles at the beach. But there's probably one thing you haven't tried yet, and given how fast and easy it is to make, not to mention delicious, it should be at the top of your list! Go ahead and make your own slushies at home and you'll be sweat-free in no time.

You'll Need (for 2 portions of each flavor):

  • 8½ fl oz strawberry juice
  • 8½ fl oz orange juice
  • 2 small zipper bags
  • 2 large zipper bags
  • ice cubes
  • salt

Here's How:

1. First pour the strawberry juice into one of the small zipper bags. Pour the orange juice into the other small zipper bag. Make sure both of the bags are sealed airtight.

2. Now put one of the smaller juice bags into one of the larger zipper bags with a few handfuls of ice cubes. Sprinkle in a generous amount of salt and seal the larger bag. Repeat with the other flavor.

3. Now wrap the first "double bag" in a tea towel, shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes, and then tap the edges of the bag with the sides of your hands. Repeat this with the second flavor.

4. Remove the smaller bags from the larger bags, open them up, serve, and enjoy! Your slushies are all ready to go — the partially frozen drinks look and taste best when served in a chilled glass, tropical umbrella optional! 

Before you try to make your own ice cream—which never actually tastes like real ice cream and just creates a huge mess—it's definitely worth it to try making your own slushie first. Not only are they tastier and healthier than ice cream, they're also so much faster and easier to make. Be sure to try out other flavors as well, and let us know which ones you think are best!


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