Space-Saving DIY Vertical Pyramid Garden

There's nothing more comforting than the smell of flowers in full bloom or the sound of bees buzzing away on a warm spring day. But not everyone has the luxury of a big back yard or spacious patio to enjoy at home. That's why we've come up with a space-saving way for you to create your very own thriving garden, even if you have limited outdoor space. This design for a vertical planter will let you grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables, no matter how much space you have! Plus, this garden comes on wheels, so it's easy to move and maneuver. Get ready for a garden that will make your neighbors, and even the bees, jealous!

You'll Need:

  • wooden beams & wooden planks
  • wood oil (e.g. teak oil)
  • wood glue
  • 4 caster wheels
  • landscape fabric
  • chicken wire
  • screws
  • drill
  • potting soil
  • stones

Here's How:

1. For the base of the pyramid, screw 1 vertical wooden beam into the center of a large, square piece of wood. Glue 4 wooden boards onto the base with wood glue, positioning them between the corners and the vertical beam in the center, and let everything dry.

2. Glue 4 wooden boards along the edges of the base with wood glue.

3. To create the frame for the pyramid, attach long wooden beams that connect each corner of the base to the top of the center beam. Secure the sloping beams with screws at both the bottom and top of the structure.

4. Screw 4 caster wheels onto the underside of the base.

5. Line the base with landscape fabric and chicken wire.

6. Cover the lined base with potting soil and a layer of stones.

7. Attach 4 more wooden boards, 1 on each side of the frame, slightly above the base in order to create the second level of the pyramid.

8. Pour potting soil into the pyramid until the top of the soil is level with the second level of the pyramid. Work your way up the structure using this same technique.

9. Plant whatever flowers or other plants you'd like in the potting soil.

10. Fill the pyramid with plants, placing one final potted plant on top, and your vertical garden is complete!

Not only is this vertical pyramid garden a great space-saving solution for people living in cities, it looks great in any backyard! Your unique garden has just reached new heights – literally!

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