Cracked: Hacks for a better life or pranks to pull on your house-mate?

There are as many good tricks to make life easier as there are grains of sand on the beach. Some are better than others, of course, but what they all have in common is doing creative things with everyday items. Here's a little collection you may not want to try at home: 

1. For when you don't have enough coat-hangers, use an old keyboard and cable combo: perfect! 


2. A colleague is always stealing your lunch? Secure it with a good padlock.


3. Keep all your used Q-Tips stored in the freezer where they'll harden. Then they're perfect to use as tiny lighters (or even romantic mini-torches). 


4. Install a crank into your dental floss container so you can wind the floss back in after every use. You won't need to buy a new one for a long time.


5. Why buy an expensive grill when you can just turn a grocery cart on its side?

6. To make your own waterproof case for your phone, just wrap it in cling wrap. 


7. With a raw chicken breast you can get dust and crumbs out of the most difficult nooks and crannies!  


8. Take a dusty computer motherboard and rinse it under warm water. Just dry it off with a kitchen towel and your PC will be as clean as never before!


9. Whoops, you just wanted nice plain noodles? What to do? Into the washing machine, of course. A quick rinse and they'll be as good as new.


10. Protect yourself from fellow passengers on public transportation with this subtle vest. They won't have a chance.

11. Coffee stains on your trousers won't be a problem after you dunk the entire pair of pants into coffee. Now the garment is all the same color and no one will notice any stains at all! Plus, you get a lovely dark roast aroma too — what could be better? 


12. Having trouble eating with chopsticks? Use a fork — it'll be easier.


13. Place small portions of your pasta into the toaster and add water. You've never made noodles faster than this. 


14. The cheapest way to get electricity: just plug the power strip into itself and you'll never run out of energy.


15. When you take a selfie through a roll of toilet paper, you look like the moon. 

16. Alert cat owners: save on expensive floor cleaners and just use your pet. The cat will love it and you'll get all that dust up in no time. This trick also work with babies and toddlers. 


17. Such a great way to save time: don't waste time later brushing your teeth. Just add toothpaste to the meal itself and kill two birds with one bite.


18. With this sheet of cling wrap you won't ever cry while cutting onions again.


19. Bottle caps shouldn't just get thrown away: look how useful they can be as fruit holders!


20. Put an old toilet seat to good use as a table. It's never been so comfortable to eat and watch TV at the same time. 

21. If you're having trouble reading the tiny writing on your smartphone, put the device into a glass of water and enjoy the magnifying effect!


22. Next time you get a hole in your sock, just use black nail polish (or a permanent marker, of course) to disguise the tear.


23. All those times you've wanted to open a bottle of beer while driving and didn't realize you could use your seatbelt buckle! Well, you'll never have that problem again.


24. The easiest way to smuggle candy bars into the movies: with your gun. No one will suspect a thing!


25. If you cut those tennis balls in half, you'll be able to fit twice as many into the package. Talk about saving space!


These tricks only make up for their utter uselessness with their significant entertainment value. ;-P





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