Make A DIY Dog Bed From An Old Sweatshirt

When you take dogs to a new place, the four-legged canines are often overwhelmed by all the new sounds and smells they encounter. That's why their owners often take an old sweater or shirt with them for their dogs to snuggle up inside. The familiar scent of their owner is very important, especially when staying at a doggie hotel or going on a short trip away from home. Here we'll show you how to create a soft bed for your beloved dog from an old sweatshirt so that your dog feels at home wherever it goes!

You'll Need:

  • An old sweater
  • padding material (e.g. cotton)
  • piece of cloth (ca. 8 x 8 in, depending on the size of the sweater)
  • needle & thick thread

Here's How:

1. First, you'll need an old sweater of yours. It's best not to wash it so that your furry friend can still detect your scent in it. And now turn the sweater inside out.

2. Now carefully sew up the entire collar and turn the sweater completely right side out.

3. Next, stitch the middle of the sweater with needles. The line should run under the sleeves of the sweater across the stomach.

4. Then make a seam with the needle along the line of the needles.

5. Next the sleeves have to be attached to the side of the sweater. Beneath it a part of the sleeve should still hang over.

6. Now stuff padding material into the opening of the sleeve. It's best to take very soft material such as cotton.

7. Now the sweater looks like this. It's time to stick a pillow inside.

8. And then sew the seam shut underneath it.

9. Now sew the two sleeves together and you're almost done.

10. Take a cloth (any kind will do), place it on the left sleeve and sew it into place.

11. Now place it over the right sleeve and sew it into place again. This way the two sleeves are secured from the front side.

12. And the only thing that you need to do is watch if your dog likes its new bed.

Here's a video guide:

These dog beds are an especially practical way to give your dogs a place of rest and security when you're not at home with them. And on top of that, you can also design this bed in any color you like - and it's an awesome gift for any dog owner. Good luck making your own design!


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