Helpful: 11 great tips for dog owners

As dog owners know, lovable canines keep us on our toes — and sometimes drive us crazy. It's worth the effort, at least that's what most people conclude. But to make life with your four-legged friend a little easier, take a look at these clever tips: 

1. Natural tick resistance 

Instead of the usual, heavy-duty chemical bludgeon, you can protect your dog from fleas and ticks using essential oils. 

A mix of lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, and cedar oils offers an excellent alternative: the scent keeps tiny pests at a distance.

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2. Baby powder against matted fur

If your pooch has long hair that sometimes gets matted, loosen it with baby powder before you brush it.

3. Rubber gloves for removing excess hair

With a hairy dog, you might find you go through lint removers on the furniture too quickly, and brushing the animal is arduous. But rubber gloves do a great job of getting the hair off upholstery. If it doesn't work dry, try it with wet gloves. The hair is attracted to the gloves as if by magic! (Aka a static charge.)


4. Sheets for the dog bed

If you tuck your dog's bed into a pillow case or, for larger dogs, a duvet cover, it will be much easier to clean since — as with your own bed — you'll just have to pull off the case and wash it!

5. Tupperware for dog food

Fill a tupperware (or other kitchen storage jar) with your dog's dry food and you can keep it handier and scoop it out quicker than when it's in a giant bag. With a pitcher, you won't even have to scoop! The food pellets will also stay dryer and fresher, so Fluffy will be happier too.  


6. Shower cap for bathing

Put a shower cap on your dog while they're in the bath so they don't get soap in their eyes and ears. (And be sure to take a picture!)


7. Baking powder and vinegar to fix occasional mishaps

If your dog relieves itself on the carpet, you can use baking powder and vinegar to get rid of the odor. Wipe up everything you can with a towel and then spray the spot with a mix of both kitchen components. Leave it to work for ten minutes, then dab it up with a paper towel.

Now sprinkle just a little more baking powder over the place, vacuuming it up later when it's dry. Not only will your dog stay the heck away from the spot (they hate baking powder), but the smell will be long gone too.


8. Lavender for nervousness

Put a few drops of lavender oil on your dog's collar to help calm them down if they're fearful or stressed.

9. Parsley for bad breath

A little bit of parsley added to their food will reduce bad breath noticeably.

10. Toothpaste on a toy

If your dog refuses to let you brush their teeth, smear a little toothpaste on their favorite chew toy. That way they won't even notice that their teeth are being cleaned while they play.

11. A tennis ball in the food bowl

To prevent a dog from gulping down a meal all in one bite, put a tennis ball in the middle of their dish. It slows them down just enough to keep them from unhealthy gobbling.


These simple tricks will help not only you but your dog too. Try them out and pass on your favorites! 




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