Stay on the safe side with this message on your kid's arm

The holiday season is shopping season. Malls, markets, Christmas fairs. Who doesn't enjoy a stroll past the decorated shop windows, presents for relatives stowed in various shopping bags, stopping to taste holiday treats, or even a glide across the ice that's glistening from the lights strung up all around...

Childrens' eyes light up at the thought of holiday outings — especially if they involve candy canes, lists for Santa, and a pair of rented ice skates. But the adults in question always have the same problem: how not to lose the kids in a crowd.

Oh, their bitter tears when they realize it's not your sleeve they just tugged on, and you're nowhere in sight! It's too stressful even to think about it: and with this trick, you'll never have to.

Write your cell phone number on your child's underarm with washable ink. 

But now to make sure that the number doesn't blur or wash away, apply a liquid bandage over it. You can buy this as a spray or brush.


Now it's guaranteed to stay put. All that's left is to talk to the kids about finding a "good stranger" — a policeman or another parent with kids — and asking them to call the phone number.

And you and your child are equipped for every contingency — you can enjoy your holiday outings to the hilt, no worries!

This trick is so simple and quick, yet it's worth its weight in gold in that worst case scenario. Show it to everyone with kids — it's too useful not to know!


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