Fun DIY Project: Make Your Own Magical Dragon Egg Candles

Who doesn't love a plastic Easter egg filled with goodies? Or a Kinder Surprise? Or a Wonder Ball? It's hard to resist a hollow chocolate egg filled with toys! Now you can make your own surprise egg, but instead of chocolate and a toy, you'll get a candle and a dragon. This is definitely the grown-up version of your favorite childhood treat, and you'll love watching the dragon egg "hatch" as the DIY candle burns down and out pops your new baby dragon.

You'll need:

  • old candles
  • plastic Easter egg
  • crayons in the color of your choice
  • candle wick with wick pin
  • ceramic dragon figurine
  • non-flammable spray paint in the color of your choice

Here's how:

1. First you'll need enough liquid candle wax to fill the plastic egg. If you don't want to use new candles, just melt some old worn-out candles that you no longer have any use for. It's best to place the candles inside a candle holder or heat-proof container, place these inside of a pan, and heat the pan until the wax melts.

2. Pour the liquid wax in a saucepan and add a few crayons (remove all paper wrappings from the crayon first!). Heat the pot and stir the contents with a wooden spoon. The wax will take on the color of the crayons.

3. Prepare the plastic egg by drilling a hole in the top center of the top half.

4. Small tip: Pour the liquid wax into a small pitcher so it will be easier to transfer to the egg.

Now place the candle wick on the bottom of the egg. To keep it stable, first dip the wick pin in wax and wrap the wick around a pen

5. Now pour the wax into the bottom half of the egg and let it harden.

6. Then place the ceramic dragon on the hardened wax, wrap the wick around the figure, and guide it through the hole in the top half of the egg. Put the upper egg half on the lower egg half and close the egg.

7. With the help of a small funnel, fill the sealed egg with wax. Again, wait for the wax to harden.

8. Remove the plastic shell and discard it (or keep it for later if you want to make more egg candles). Carve scales and different contours into the wax egg so that it looks like a dragon egg.

9. Finally, spray the wax egg with heat-resistant spray paint.

Now when you light the candle, a baby dragon will begin to appear and "hatch" the further down the candle burns.

Having a pet dragon was probably the childhood fantasy of most children, and with this fun arts and crafts project, you're now one step closer to making it a reality. If you're on a roll with the DIY home decorations and want to keep the fantasy theme going, try making your own Golden Dragon Eggs.


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