Breakfast table fun: 4 cool egg tricks

We normally only have time for a big breakfast on the weekends, but then it's time to pull out all the stops: bacon, hash browns, pancakes, and of course, eggs! If you prefer your eggs boiled instead of fried, we've got something very special for you. Let them boil a little longer and then try out these four neat tricks that will add some huge smiles to your next breakfast feast...

Trick 1: The Water Glass

Not sure if those eggs are still good? Here's an easy way to find out without having to crack them open and deal with that awful smell. Simply fill a glass with water and drop the egg in. If it sinks, it's good. If it floats, get rid of it!

Trick 2: Hearty Breakfast

This one requires a bit of preparation, but it's worth it. Cut out a side of a milk carton or find a similar piece of waxed cardboard. Fold it in the middle and then lay a warm hard-boiled egg in the fold. Now put a wooden skewer or similar long thin rod on it and press down to form a crease in the egg. Secure this with rubber bands and wait until the egg is cool.

When you take the egg out, the crease should remain. When you cut it open, you'll see the trick: your eggs are now cute little breakfast hearts!

Trick 3: Separating Yolks

To separate the yolks from the whites, all you need to do is crack the egg into a bowl and then use an empty plastic bottle to "suck" up the yolk.

Trick 4: Peeling Shells

First, poke a hole in the end of the egg. Now bang the other end lightly on a hard surface.

The next step is to blow hard through the hole. The egg should shoot out of the shell completely peeled!

With a little bit of knowledge even the most ordinary things can become very interesting. Try these out at your next family breakfast or brunch and watch everyone's faces light up. These tricks are great fun with kids too, just make sure the eggs are really hard-boiled to avoid any mess. A fun breakfast? Egg-zactly!


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