Solution: Use an electric toothbrush to fix nine everyday problems

Electric toothbrushes are a great invention. For close to 70 years now, these little helpers have been positively impacting our oral hygiene on a daily basis. But it's hard to imagine them outside of the bathroom.

If you think buffing the old ivories is the only use for one though, you're sorely mistaken! Here are some of the electric toothbrush's hidden talents:

1. Polishing your jewelry


Especially silver and rhinestones will sparkle like new after a visit with the home dentist. (Yes, use toothpaste!)

2. Cleaning your computer keyboard

Of course for this you need a dry brush, so as not to damage expensive and sensitive electronics. But it's a great way to get rid of dust, grease, and crumbs. (Don't forget to turn off and unplug the keyboard and/or computer first.) 

3. Giving your fingernails a massage


With a dab of hand cream or nail cream on the end of the brush, a five-minute nail massage will do wonders particularly if your nails are brittle or rough. And since your fingertips have lots of nerve endings, it's also very relaxing!

4. Shining your aluminum rims


Especially the filigree spokes on old school rims need a good polishing now and then, and the electric toothbrush does it perfectly. Check out the impressive effect in this video.

5. Scouring between tiles


An electric toothbrush can often get into the places that are otherwise hard to reach and scrub. With a little added all-purpose cleaning fluid, you'll get even the dingiest spots clear again.

6. Moisturizing your lips and mouth


Lips go through a lot, especially in the winter. It can help to apply chapstick or lip balm. But if you massage a dab of vaseline into your lips with an electric toothbrush, you'll not only remove dry skin and deeply moisturize your lips, you'll also thoroughly relax them — and potentially your whole jaw too. You can do it right after brushing (ideally with a separate brush).

Mmm, that's one good way to unwind before bed!

7. Sprucing up bath fixtures


Everyone knows the little scratches and stains on the faucet of your bathroom sink, the ones you can't get off with a sponge or cloth. Well, with an electric toothbrush and some fixture-specific cleaning fluid it takes seconds. 

8. Getting the dirt off of window frames


Modern windows have their advantages, but among them is not the fact that they usually have a lot of angles and corners where dirt and dust collects. Yes, here too, your toothbrush will save the day. Just add some all-purpose cleaner and it'll be gone in a jiffy.

9. Smoothing rough edges


There are lots of little places around the house where a smoother edge would make things a lot more comfortable. For instance, the sharp edges of cans. Keep an old electric toothbrush head and turn it into a little sanding machine: here's a video explaining how to do it. 

An electric toothbrush really is the perfect solution for so many everyday problems. For some of these, could there even be a better method? So next time you're about to toss an old scrubber, keep it instead. You're guaranteed to find excellent uses for it!


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