18 nifty tricks that will simplify your daily life

Life gets pretty routine sometimes and we find ourselves doing things the same old way, never stopping to think if there might be an easier or more efficient approach to everyday tasks. These 18 tricks will help you snap out of that mindset and look at things from a different perspective...

1. Perfect eggs

Are you having trouble getting your eggs perfectly sunny-side-up? Try placing a ring of onion in the pan and then crack the egg into it. It'll help it stay in perfect form and keep those yokes intact.


2. Splash-free pouring

When pouring liquid from one container into another, simply place a chop stick or a pen over the spout to prevent it from spilling.


3. Easy-to-spread butter

If your butter comes out of the fridge too hard to spread, try grating it to make fine shreds that will warm up quickly and be easier to spread.

4. Small batteries

If you only have batteries that are too small for your device, use some scrunched-up tin foil to make them fit. The foil will conduct the electricity and provide a quick fix until you have time to buy batteries of the right size.


5. Dirty cell phone camera

If you notice that the photos you're taking with your cell phone are blurred, try cleaning the camera with an eraser. Who would have thought?

6. Flat collars

Use a hair straightener to iron out your shirt collars. You can even do this while wearing the shirt, if you're careful!


7. Powerful lights

If you're in a situation where you need to light things up and don't have a flashlight or a lantern handy, put your cell phone on flashlight mode and place it under a plastic drink bottle. Now you have some really cool lanterns!


8. Cable protectors

Wrap the spring from a ball-point pen around your cable near the plug. This will prevent it from breaking.


9. Overflowing pans

To keep the water in your pot from overflowing, place a wooden spoon on top of it and you won't have to scald your fingers while wiping boiling hot water off your stove top ever again.

10. Tablet amp

Use a plastic cup as a makeshift amplifier for your tablet. No more straining to hear when you're watching your favorite videos!


11. Paper towel holder

If you never know where to put the paper towel roll, you can hang it on a hanger. Simply cut the bottom rod a few inches from one end so you can pull it out and put the roll on. Problem solved!


12. Wax-free birthday cake

If you don't want your cupcakes or cakes to end up filled with candle wax, stick them through some lifesaver candies.


13. Easy air freshener

Place some wet wipes on the grill of your fan to fill your home with a pleasant odor.


14. Stubborn keychain

That moment when you want to put a new key in your keychain: 10 minutes later, the anger rises and you give up. Use a staple remover to separate the rings and slide on the new key!


15. Easy painting

One trick to avoid paintbrushes dropping while painting is to use pool noodles to attach them to the bucket.


16. Unreachable candle wicks

When your candle is old and the wick is so far out of reach you can't light it without burning your fingers, you can use a piece of spaghetti to light it.


17. Stain-free refrigerator

Put an empty egg carton in your fridge to hold plastic bottles so that the sauce doesn't spill inside your refrigerator.


18. Thousands of keys

If you have a lot of different keys and it takes a long time to recognize which one is which, you can paint them with nail polish to color code them.


With just a few tweaks, everyday tasks can be a lot easier and things we never thought of can make our life much more enjoyable. Break out of your daily routine and try a few out for yourself!


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