Know-how: Here's how to get more power from your batteries

Batteries still play a big role in the household. They're in the remote, the wall clock, kitchen timer and lots of other useful devices. To get the most out of them, use these nifty tricks:

1. Fuel your remote only with batteries


Next time you have to change the batteries in your remote, find a screw that's as long as the batteries: stick one new battery in and in the other slot, put the screw. You'll see: it actually works!

2. Always have the right size batteries on hand


Your alarm clock doesn't make a peep anymore, but you urgently need it tomorrow morning? And all you can find in your drawer are some tiny AAA-batteries that don't fit? No problem.


Wrap some aluminum foil around the minus end (the flat side). That way you can stretch the battery's length so it fits.


Now your alarm will work and you'll get to that all-important, early appointment on time! 

3. Alternative uses for empty batteries


Even empty batteries are useful, for instance as a stylus pen for your smartphone. So during the winter, if you're wearing thick gloves you can just slip an old battery into your pocket and have it on hand for when you need to use your smartphone. No more yanking off your gloves in the freezing cold to swipe! 

4. Make a quick pocket-warmer


Ideal for the winter: use a battery to make a pocket warmer. You just wrap it in aluminum foil and stick it in your coat or jacket pocket. Thanks to a mild electrical discharge and current leak, it'll warm up the area gently to keep your hands cozy. 

Check out the tips on video here: 

Here's another quick video with further battery tricks and more! 



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