15 smart services from all over the world

Customer is king and while it might not always seem that way, it goes without saying that good service is certainly something to be valued. It is interesting to see the lengths some companies go to to ensure customer satisfaction in parts of this world.

Take these 15 services for example, they have all gone beyond the call of duty to please customers:


1. Testing toilet paper before purchasing it

This supermarket in the Netherlands offers its customers the opportunity to test out different types of toilet paper before they buy it. How thoughtful!


2. Spot for your dog in a shopping cart

Pets are largely prohibited from entering grocery stores in most countries but this particular one in Italy welcomes dogs and other pets into its store. It even has specially made carts that have a separate compartment for your furry creatures.


3. Plastic bottle in exchange for a subway ticket

This subway station in China is doing its part to save the planet: you take your empty bottles to be recycled and in return you get your subway ticket. 


4. Free pads and tampons

At this particular airport in Columbia, Ohio, guests are offered pads and tampons for free. What a nice gesture!


5. Fresh mushrooms at the supermarket

It doesn't get fresher than this — mushrooms growing right before your eyes in the supermarket, waiting to be picked and taken home!


6. Organic produce growing on the roof of the supermarket

Now this is what I call fresh, organic produce — a rooftop vegetable patch where customers can pick and choose their produce. Great for the customer and the supermarket dealer gets to save on transportation costs.


7. Apple sweetness scale

There are thousands of different varieties of apples worldwide but of course, only a select few are offered at any given time in a supermarket. This handy scale lets customers know the level of sweetness of the apples from super sweet at the top, right down to the more tangy and tart varieties at the bottom. 


8. Convenient coffee stand

You have a kid on your hip, a shopping bag and keys in your left hand and your coffee in the other. How on earth are you meant to get out of the door? Well, this store cleverly came up with a solution to this frequent dilemma — a coffee stand positioned right next to the door. 


9. Personalized knives for regulars

At this steakhouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, each regular guest gets his or her own personalized steak knife. I am not sure if this is great customer service or a recipe for disaster, having so many sharp knives so accessible!


10. Umbrella safety locks

Having your umbrella stolen might not seem like such a big deal,  but what a nuisance it is if this were to happen on a rainy day. It's much safer to lock and go. 


11. Banner printer at airport

"Welcome Home" or "Happy Birthday Dad" banners are great things to have when guests walk into the arrival lounge at the airport. You rarely think to prepare them at home beforehand but this nifty printer allows you to print out personalised signs there and then.


12. Test ramp for shoes

When purchasing hiking shoes or garden footwear it makes sense to be able to test them out on different surfaces before buying them because unlike with normal shoes, it is not just about the fit. This store has thought of that and has a test ramp inside so customers can try on the shoes and see how they perform in terms of grip and suitability.


13. Hotel mirror shows the weather

If you don't trust looking out the window or looking at the weather forecast on your smartphone, then there's the trusted hotel mirror showing the current weather outside.


14. Chilled bar top 

This metal strip at a bar is chilled at all times so in turn your beers are always kept cold.


15. A doggy stall in front of the supermarket

This supermarket in Copenhagen, Denmark, is animal-friendly. They even have dog stalls positioned outside the supermarkets that offer all kinds of pleasant features within for your pet's wellbeing. Your dog gets to chill out while you do your shopping in peace.


A lot of these services don't seem that complicated or expensive but they mean a great deal to the customers. They should set the benchmark for everywhere else in this world where such ideas are non-existent.


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