7 mistakes when applying eyeliner

Applying eyeliner can certainly be a tricky business, but when done properly, the impact can be striking — not only do your eyes appear bigger and wider but the color is intensified, making them stand out from the rest of your face. While some women quickly master the art of applying eyeliner, others give up after several attempts because truthfully, it's very easy to mess up. Use the wrong product and it can end up smudging and smearing; use too much and you end up with panda eyes and not cat eyes, which is the look you were actually going for; then there's the issue of creating even lines that are symmetrical on both sides — harder than you think.

Here are 7 common eyeliner mistakes and how to fix them...

1. Thick lower lash line

Applying thick, dark eyeliner on the bottom lids makes your eyes seem tired and sad plus it instantly makes them look smaller. If you really want to use bottom lash liner, then go for a lighter color like a bright green or a strong blue. It will give you the definition you're going for but will feel softer and more flattering. 

2. Small lines and strokes

Instead of applying eyeliner in one even, steady stroke, some people make the mistake of using small lines and strokes, which builds up too thickly. Make sure you have a place to rest your elbow, this will give you a steady hand so that you can smoothly trace a line along the contour of your upper lid. The result is a much more harmonious and precise finish.

3. Using the wrong eyeliner


Even at the point of purchase, you can make a mistake. While liquid or gel liners create a dramatic look, because they set so quickly you aren't left with that much time to start blending in. And in the world of eyeliner application, blending is important in order to achieve the right result. To create lines that you can easily soften and blur, try using a waterproof or long-wear pencil. What's more, if you don't want to run the risk of looking like a panda in humid or rainy weather, this type of pencil will become your new best friend! That's not to say you should never use gel or liquid liners; if you are going for a more glamorous and dramatic look, you'll definitely need to get yourself some.

4. Too far away from the eyelashes

This is another common mistake when applying eyeliner. To achieve the best results, keep the eye you are working on closed and with one swift stroke, apply the eyeliner as smoothly and closely to the eyelashes as possible. If you see any gaps, carefully fill them with the tip of the eyeliner or blur the eyeliner with a fine brush afterwards.

5. Too much contouring

Too much contouring can look a little unnatural, especially during the day — this is the risk you run with liquid eyeliner. Blending and blurring after applying your eyeliner though will help you get the perfect finish.

6. Straight lines on drooping eyelids


To fix drooping or hooded eyes, try using liquid eyeliner and apply a thin, sweeping line that runs parallel to the highest point of the eyebrow. This will give a lifting effect to your eyes.

7. Eyelash curler after eyeliner

Many women apply their eyeliner and then curl their eyelashes. It's best to do it in the reverse order: first curl your eyelashes and then, after letting them settle for a short while, apply your eyeliner. This way, you'll avoid removing the liner closest to your lashes.

If you're a beginner, it may take some practice before you master the art of applying eyeliner, but by avoiding some of these common mistakes you'll be well on your way to getting the knack of it — and quicker than you'd expect. 




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