Seven ways to get rid of flies

Their monotonous humming and their pesky ways are what make flies very unpleasant little creatures. And when they decide to land on your food, you immediately think about the bacteria, viruses and parasites these flies are carrying from trash onto your food. Well, you'd rather not know actually. Thanks to these seven tricks, you'll be rid of the pests in no time and won't need to spend that much money in the process either:


1. Essential oils and vinegar

Fill a spray bottle to the halfway mark with vinegar and the other half with water and add about 15 drops of an essential oil. Mint, lime, lavender, citronella or eucalyptus are all perfectly suitable oils. Spray the places where the flies mostly frequent — and before long they'll be keeping their distance!

2. Cotton balls, vanilla extract and mint

Place two cotton balls in a flat glass and add about 4 tablespoons of vanilla extract. Then put fresh mint over the top and cover the whole thing with a piece of gauze bandage.


3. Cider and vinegar 

This flytrap consists of a bottle, which is filled a few inches high with mixture containing cider (apple wine) and vinegar. Then, a sheet of paper is rolled up and placed in the opening without reaching the bottom of the bottle. The flies will want to get in but won't be able to escape as easily!

Fruit fly morgue - milk bottle and vinegar

4. Lemon and coconut oil

Add about 20-30 drops of lemon oil (citronella) to a small bowl. Then put in about 10 oz of coconut oil. Mix well and pour into small glasses. Distribute these in the places where the little insects would normally get in the way.

5. Garlic, cinnamon and cayenne pepper

When pulverized and mixed together, it produces a secret weapon against flies. Just add some of the mixture to window sills or other "cracks" and you'll enjoy a fly-free zone!


6. Vodka and cloves

Fill vodka into a spray bottle and add some cloves or lavender. You'll soon find there's no need for expensive insect repellents. Simply spray the flies' favorite places and they'll soon be gone with the wind!

Spray Bottle

7. A scratched CD

Hang an old CD on the branch of a tree and you're done. The reflections from the CD drive the flies away. This might end up being your most favorable fly defense mechanism of all — it's certainly the most effortless.

Old media

Why not share these ingenious tricks with everyone you know so they too can enjoy their homes and gardens without being bothered by these unwelcome visitors?! 


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