DIY Floating Easter Egg Centerpiece

One of the best parts about Easter is probably the color palette – those soft pastels and vibrant spring tones are what makes Easter decorations so adorable and chic. And to really mark the beginning of the new season, there's always a pretty bouquet of flowers or little Easter chicks and bunnies to be found. Yes, people go all out on their decorations, and that's great. But what if we told you that it's actually pretty easy to kick things up a notch? All you need is an old fork, a tea cup, a saucer, and a little bit of DIY magic to create the cutest Easter decoration ever!

You'll Need:

  • fork
  • hammer
  • saucer
  • hot glue gun
  • tea cup or mug
  • Easter grass
  • Easter eggs
  • paint
  • craft glue
  • Easter chickens
  • paper doily

Here's How:

1. Hammer the fork flat.

2. Use your hands to bend the fork into an S-shape.

3. Glue the prongs of the fork to the middle of the saucer.

4. Glue the cup to the handle of the fork.

5. Glue decorative Easter grass in the cup to cover the fork a little.

6. Paint small Easter eggs in whatever pattern or color you like and glue them to the saucer, fork, and cup.

7. Now decorate the saucer with Easter chicks and some more grass. Place it on top of a paper doily and you're done. 

Abracadabra! If you want to show off and leave your loved ones gasping with delight, wow them with this magical floating tea cup. Happy Easter!

Welcome Easter with a DIY Paper Mâché Easter Egg like the one featured in the bonus video.


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