Homemade Flower Barrettes From Craft Wire & Nail Polish

If you want to make your own jewelry, you don't actually have to be a goldsmith. Today you just need a pen, some good craft wire, and a little nail polish to conjure up even the most delicate ornaments.

You'll Need:

  • craft wire
  • nail polish
  • pen
  • headband, barrettes, or the jewelry of your choice
  • pliers
  • kitchen sponge
  • hot glue

Here's How:

1. First, wrap the wire around the pen five times, leaving a couple of inches of spare wire free (if you want to make four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day, then just wrap it four times).

2. Then slide the coils off, twist the ends together, and fan out the coils to create... flower petals!

3. Now carefully dip it into the nail polish (which you'll want to pour into a little bowl or paper cup for easier access). 

4. Use all the colors you want for your flower arrangement and after you've done each one, stick it into a sponge to dry. Leave them for a good hour to let them completely harden.

5. If you notice that the layer of nail polish is too thin, dip it again and wait for the second round to dry. When you're satisfied, cut off the wire stems.

6. Now you can glue the flowers to the hair clip or piece of jewelry of your choice. All it takes is a drop of hot glue in the middle.

7. Whether for a barrette or headband, the result speaks for itself!

And with the color combination of your choice.

If you have a young daughter, an afternoon of jewelry-making might just be an ideal birthday party activity. They're also adorable as earrings or on a homemade brooch — perfect for spring, and so easy to make! 


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