Spruce Up Your Garden With DIY Flower Pot Kids

With the days becoming longer and warmer, many of us now want to spend more of our free time out on the balcony or terrace. While enjoying the fresh air, we also want to feel happy in our surroundings. So if you think your flower pots are looking a little on the dull side, here's a little inspiration for giving them a quick "face lift"!

You'll Need:

  • 2 large flower pots
  • 10 small flower pots
  • cord
  • paint and paintbrush
  • hot glue

Here's How:

1. First, paint the two larger flower pots in two different shades of blue — one should be a darker blue, while the other is lighter. Also paint the bottom of the dark blue pot white, so that it'll look like a collar later.

2. Paint six of the smaller flower pots dark blue and four of them light blue. Next, glue two of the light blue pots inside each other and then do the same with the other two. Repeat the process with the dark blue pots, but glue three inside of each other instead.

3. Turn the large dark blue pot so that top of it is facing downward. Guide some cord through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. Next, guide the top of the cord through the holes in the small light blue pots and tie a knot in the end. The bottom of the cord is then guided through the holes in the small dark blue pots and knotted.

Repeat this process with a second piece of cord and the remaining small pots.

4. Use hot glue to attach the large light blue pot to the dark blue one. Draw on a friendly face using a marker before putting your plants inside.

The plants give your flower pot kids some funky hairstyles! Of course, you can paint the flower pots in any color you like. It's also fun to experiment with different sized pots for the body and head. Here, we've created a cute little flower pot family...

Bring on the spring! If you happen to break one of the pots while putting your flower pot kids together, check out the bonus video to see how you can reuse it.


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