5 natural ways to get rid of pesky flies

Black flies, house flies, deer flies, horse flies: big or small, all kind of flies invade our living spaces during the summer, which can get really annoying. And it's not just all the buzzing — they walk all over our food and lay eggs, potentially transferring diseases in the process.


But the good news is that there are natural and effective ways to get rid of those pesky bugs. Here are five...

1. Water bag

Flies have very sharp vision and can detect very slight movements of light. A transparent plastic bag filled with water hung above your door will send reflections in all directions. This confuses the flies and drives them away.


Variations on this method can be used to get rid of other insects as well. Try filling a bag with beer and making a small hole above the liquid, just big enough for an insect to fit through. Hang the bag somewhere in your yard. Wasps, flies and gnats will be attracted to it, climb in for a drink and be trapped. Your summer is saved!

2. Odorous plants

Basil and mint have potent odors that flies don't like. Planting some in your garden or keeping some potted basil and mint on your patio can help to drive away unwanted visitors. You can also try spreading mint essential oil around your door and window frames to keep them out of the house.



Eucalyptus essential oil is also very effective.

3. Mosquito nets and screens

Most modern windows and doors are fitted with screens to keep out the bugs. But if you're in an older building, this might not be the case. Buying some loose screen and fitting it to your windows is a very effective way to keep out flies and mosquitos. 


If you live in an area where mosquitos are particularly bad, you might also want to consider a mosquito net over your bed.

4. Fans

Flies and other flying insects don't like air movement. A few well-placed oscillating fans or a ceiling fan can keep those nasty critters from invading your home.


5. Lavender and onion

If you don't mind the smell, you can chop an onion in half and rub the juice on the walls around your windows and doors. The smell will keep the flies out, but it also might have the same effect on your friends. A more fragrant option is to keep bouquets of lavender throughout your house.


Another way to keep flies out of your kitchen is to keep it really clean. Don't let dirty dishes stack up and make sure to take the garbage out regularly. With these simple tricks you can get a lot more enjoyment out of your summer without having any annoying, unwanted guests at your next barbecue!


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